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Hosting exclusive events in Utrecht
Hosting exclusive events in Utrecht
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Online meetings & events

Meeting each other both live and online! A frequently asked question when it comes to meetings. Organising online events has been catching up in popularity (whether by necessity or not). Your specific requirements are crucial in this aspect of organising a meeting.

Valk Exclusive gladly thinks along with you to make your meeting an online success! In cooperation with our AV partner WAVRU - specialist in event technology for video, lighting and sound solutions - we offer custom solutions for every online event.

Secure online meeting, trusted Valk Exclusive

  • We offer solutions for every budget.
  • Unlimited reach to online participants.
  • Obtain more data than offline events.
  • Your guests decide what they like, physical or online presence.
Hybride plug & play

Hybride plug & play

  • Suitable for up to 20 physically present guests.
  • Depending on the platform and your account, up to 100-300-500 online guests.
  • Polycom USB Video Bar at fixed position in room.
  • Interaction possible in the form of Q&A / chat function.

What will you need?
- Your own laptop, also possible to hire through the hotel.
- Account for Teams, Zoom, Webex, GoToMeeting or similar.

Plug & Play is already available from
including VAT.
How do you ensure an online event with impact?

How do you ensure an online event with impact?

  • It is important to determine the purpose of your event in advance, as well as your wishes regarding the content.
  • Choose an experienced AV partner, as this will make or break your event. Consult well in advance which equipment is specifically required.
  • A stable internet connection is crucial, both at the venue and at the participants' homes.
  • Choose an online platform that meets your requirements. Are extras required, such as a poll, the possibility to ask questions (think of a moderator), chat function, layout of online platform in your own house style, with or without password protection.
Briefly, a few relevant questions

Briefly, a few relevant questions

  • Is your online event private or public?
  • Would you like the event to be recorded so it can be watched again?
  • Production with one or more cameras (fixed position or from multiple angles)?
  • The number of live speakers and microphones required?
  • Are there online speakers via Zoom or Teams?
  • Would you like streaming via your own platform or our AV partner's platform?
  • Is online interaction required in the form of Q&A, chat function or poll?

The possibilities are without limits and customised for every event.

Keep the stay-at-home participants on board

Keep the stay-at-home participants on board

During your online event, make sure there is enough interaction so that you hold the attention of the home crowd. After all, there is no coffee break, lunch or drinks where the online guests can make themselves heard.

Interaction can already be done very simpel, for example by asking questions, holding a poll or organising a quiz with the audience. Useful tools for this include Kahoot! and Mentimeter.

An onsite help desk & support

An onsite help desk & support

A hybrid event often involves a small group of guests in the venue and a large(er) group online as guests. How about a helpline for online guests who have problems logging in?

As the organiser of your event, you are thus optimally prepared and provide excellent service for your guests. We will be happy to help you as much as possible!

Your online event at Valk Exclusive

Your online event at Valk Exclusive

Every event is tailor-made and your specific wishes in particular are crucial to make your meeting a hybrid success.

Would you like to make a no-obligation (online) appointment and be advised on the possibilities that suit your requirements?

We are happy to think along with you!