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The railway museum must have been there
The railway museum must have been there
Learning and having fun at the same time?
An experience for young and old

Het Spoorwegmuseum

The Railway Museum is an experience for young and old. This playful museum is located in the former Maliebaanstation and is within walking distance of the city center. The museum has a large collection of historic trains and you will learn everything about the 175 year old train history.

The Railway Museum was founded in 1927, the time it was realized that the preservation of old railway material is of great historical importance. The museum is located in the old Maliebaanstation, a beautiful building that has been completely refurbished in old style. When you enter the building you will see old-fashioned chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the waiting rooms for the 1st and 2nd class and the old counters where you can now buy your ticket for the museum.

A number of different exhibitions can be admired in the museum. For example, start with the 'Great Discovery'. A mine lift takes you back in time when the steam engine still had to be invented. Stop here and admire the first Dutch steam locomotive, De Arend.

Continue your museum visit in 'Dream Journeys'. In an Oriental theater, stories about the famous Orient Express are told, and actors take you to the heyday of the international trains in 1900.

'Steel Monsters' is an exciting attraction where you make a blood-curdling roller coaster ride along life-sized trains and locomotives. The newest attraction in the Railway Museum is 'De Vuurproef'. It tells the complete story of nearly two centuries of railways, with a spectacular train ride as a highlight.